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About Us

About Us

The “Karnavaliko Komitato of Patras” is an urban, non profitable club, that was established in 1992 from people of different carnival and other social groups. They were joined by their common desire for interventions that would flourish and preserve the unique character of The Patras Carnival and to develop different ideas in order to secure its future guidelines.

Today the “Komitato” club counts 150 active members and a large number of Carnival friends who participate and follow the various activities that are entirely organized by the club itself.

Some of the activities are: 

  • Musical and theatrical parodies where the screenplay, costumes, stage scenery, choreography and music are all prepared and performed by the members of the club.
  • Children’s theatrical productions, so the children of Patras will be introduced to the Patras Carnival heritage. Some of the titles are: “The animals’ carnival”, “The adventures of the little prince”, “Love is my name” etc.
  • Exhibitions with various subjects, always related to the Carnival, such as the first Greek cartoonists exhibition, Carnival hats and masks exhibition, Theatrical dolls’ exhibition etc.
  • Various improvised or organized parties such as the “Bal de masque” where masks are created especially for the dance and prizes are given the same evening.
  • Μusic and theatrical happenings in the streets of the city.
  • “Non-Stop”. A treasure hunt that continues all night, starting about 9 pm, with various stops for refreshments, dancing etc.

“Karnavaliko Komitato” club doesn’t approach Carnival only by a philosophical point of view.  The different personalities, thoughts, inclinations, and ages of the members, ensure an exciting outcome, always open to the city’s people and its visitors.

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